How we want to deal with our colleagues:

Promoting a team concept by means of precise target management involving each member of staff will motivate to be productive as well as creative in an exemplary way. Striving to act in an enterprising, integral way ensures economic transparence as well as the chance of personal development and improved training skill.

The importance of suppliers:

In order to comply with a high standard we have to have a trusting relationship with our suppliers. As equal partners we maintain a constructive exchange to meet ever changing marketing conditions. With preferably regional suppliers we strive to improve on quality for the benefit of our guests.

Our attitude towards ecology:

We distinguish ourselves by taking on responsibility for our environment on a very conscious level. We interpret ecological innovation as a creative process. Our contribution consists of using materials which meet high standards, which means being compatible with the environment and comply by the law of nature.

Our part in enriching cultural life:

We have succeeded in offering a varied, cultural program to support the local art scene as well as to participate in the social and cultural life of the town.