Hospitality in harmony with nature:

It became obvious to us as soon as we took over the running of this almost 250 years old inn only to satisfy refined pleasure along with stylish surroundings was not enough to meet our level of standard. Even utmost perfection within the management structure and creativity within the food section, became unpretentious and stale to a degree if we did not move with time and keep up with current developments.

A shining example is this old inn:

Historically it was founded as a stage coach station for the transport of mail and passengers. With the arrival of the industrial age the train was invented and the inn had to close down eventually. The euphoria of modern car tourism restored the inn back to life and success. But the prime of service to car tourist did not last long. This concept proved far too shortsighted .There was a lesson to be learned.

Ecologically it was time to take stock and devise new guiding principles in terms of our environment. Which we did and were honored with the award: "Environmentally conscious Hotel of the Year", the first of its kind. It was a perceptible expression of financial and ecological challenges of modern times and was achieved with the cooperation of colleagues, suppliers and our guests.

It is not only our utmost desire to run this inn at a high ecological and gastronomical standard, but also to offer conference facilities and leisure activities as opposed to the mindless grind of the mill tourism.

Throughout the generations of human exchange consideration of each other and merry gatherings have developed the kind of spirit which we want to indulge you in.