The grace of simplicity defines today's true values:

The markgraeflian way of life combines the delightfulness of traditional hospitality
with customary responsibility for life in general and nature in particular.

We do not just rely for recommendation purpose on being historically mentioned by the locally well known poet J.P. Hebel (Z'Mülle an der Post). But as a matter of fact we combine young stylishness with heartfelt duty to the environment as well as traditional hospitality.

Using local wood and natural colours- we are committed to utilize natural resources in a sensible way.

Guests become directly involved with this environment friendly concept: i.e. no individually wrapped items on the breakfast table. In a nutshell this is how we interpret stylishness.

This kind of resolute and sober commitment does not interfere with the pleasure of producing a fine cuisine which is unmatched between Freiburg and Basle. It goes without saying that we produce food of the highest standard. Our challenge is to be highly creative and indulge you in luxury.

Enjoy your stay, on your own, with your partner, as a family or as a group. Entrust us with the hosting of an intimate festivity, a gala event or a successful training course. We are prepared. Our strength is to give pleasure in harmony with nature coupled with our valued markgraeflian traditions.