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Our wine cellar

The wide range of our excellent wine cellar is the result of many wine tasting events.

Our policy of continually searching for top quality products has yielded results also in 2001.

The American journal the "Wine Spectator", widely published with a very high sales rates ratio, mentions our wine cellar amongst the 60 best in whole of Germany.

We base our pride in this fact as well as our personal relationship to the superior wine producers of the area.

Their methods are traditional, only bottling dry wines with the fermentation process completed and not adding any grape juice concentrate to sweeten the wine.

We received the "Award of Excellence" competing with 1200 restaurants worldwide. The judges evaluated the relationship of price and performance, composition of menu and design of menu.

In 1997 we won the second award for design and relationship of price and performance for the wine list.

We guarantee easily digestible wines originating from first rate vine yards. It is possible to buy some of the wines of our wine assortment as a separate service.

Have fun!